Hi! My name is Bea and I’m a female, Canadian Labrador retriever. I have a soft, light – honey colored coat and great, big expressive eyes.

I’m full of boundless energy and immense sweetness. I have a soft spot for doggie biscuits… but best of all is stealing crumbs off the floor whilst others are eating!!!

I love swimming, jumping and running in the snow, chasing birds (although they always manage to get away)… and of course cats!

But what I adore most are my pups.
So this year, when I turned 4, I decided to have a brood of my own!

On the 23rd of April my 6 gorgeous puppies were born: 3 little girls: Brie, Bianca and Miele, and 3 little boys: Blu, Bagi and Batù.

And together we have such a good time… We play and run and smother each other in kisses. There’s nothing I like better than stealing my puppies bones with them all trying to chase me to get them back.

We spend the most glorious days together, having heaps of fun. So it was only natural that my owner and I came up with the idea of creating BEA & PUPPIES, to share with dog – owners everywhere, the same love and passion that we have in our family.

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Bea & Puppies supports L’ENPA, THE SOCIETY FOR THE PROTECTION ANIMALS, so that all our special friends can enjoy a better life.