The idea for the BEA&PUPPIES COLLECTION was inspired by the passion and love we feel for Bea and her pups – a deep sense of affection that dog-owners everywhere share.
A unique, irreplaceable, inimitable love.

The collection was created to allow all of us the opportunity to wear this love and affection on us, wherever we go, and share it with our dogs too.

BEA&PUPPIES supports L’ENPA, THE SOCIETY FOR THE PROTECTION ANIMALS, so that all our special friends can enjoy a better life.



Each small silver-plated piece has been conceived, designed and crafted with the passion that only a dog-owner can truly understand. The collection includes earrings, necklaces and bracelets for you, for your little ones, even for your dog. Jewelry that conveys our love for our dogs whose presence often signals the changing seasons of our life and who grant us in exchange unique emotions, the result of the simple, unconditional love they shower us with unfalteringly.


There are six of them and just like all puppies, they are terrific and terrible at the same time… playful, unstoppable… but so, so adorable.
Six puppies, six different personalities. Three girls and three boy… each with their own unique character and individuality.

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